Sunday, 3 June 2012

This Means War

Okay. Well...

My friend and I have this lil' war thing going on now apparently. Over who my mother loves more, me or her. I'll admit she's my Mom's somewhat adopted daughter but still. She has her own blog (Life and Beauty, etc...).

So it looks like this is war. She's my mother therefore she should live me more right? I'm her flesh and blood!! But nooo because she has "Funny" thing on her blog. Pft where's funny gonna get you in life?! Huh?! Huh?!

Anywho, I'm gonna stop ranting now, I just found this funny cause K isn't gonna see it! Muahaha!



  1. first of all.. we've all figured out that im the most loved adopted daughter by now im sure :P

    1. True true... but you try telling Kenzie that!

  2. Think again... I can see it... And is it really my fault that I'm so wonderful? ;)

  3. Blog more, please! It's fun!!!