Saturday, 2 June 2012

Welcome, Welcome

Hello there people of the Internet *insert overly polite smile here* and welcome to my blog. I'm a bit of an amateur at this, so bear with me here.

So I'll just get the gist of this blog down now... So I'm jut you average not-so-normal 15 year old teenage girl. Nothing special really. But some pretty crazy things do happen on a daily basis. So, I'm gonna document a wonderful collage of my small town life.

None of my friends know about this, so I'm gonna let them find it on their own. Kinda like my friend did on her blog *cough cough* "Life and Beauty etc..." *cough cough*.

So back to my main point now... I'm gonna document and tell some...'interesting'... Stories about me and my friends, school stuff, teenage life, etc...

I'm gonna try my best to do this well, and slightly entertaining, but I can't make any promises!!

See ya soon! Love,


  1. I know about it... Bwa... Ha... Ha...

  2. HOW DO YOU GET THOSE FISH!? I LOVE THEM!!! They're cute!